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dicionario analógico

break, develop, recrudesce - 出现;由...而产生, 出現;由…而產生, 起來, 開始arise, come up - intervene - transpire - give - operate - supervene - 消逝, 进行go, proceed - 來臨, 来临come - fall - anticipate - 逐渐显现, 逐渐显露develop - 再次发生,复发, 再次發生,復發, 再现, 重演, 重现recur, repeat - 以特定方式发生, 以特定方式开展, 以特定方式进行, 开展, 进行come off, go off, go over - 周期性发生come around, roll around - 实现, 實現, 成为现实be realized, bring about, come true, effectuate, happen, make come true, materialise, materialize, prove correct - 偶然发生或出现, 发生于;降临, 發生, 發生於;降臨, 碰巧发生或出现, 遭遇,某人(事)情况如何bechance, become, befall, happen - 降临bechance, befall, betide - 一致, 同时发生, 恰好相合coincide, concur - 偶然发生, 碰巧chance, happen - 发生, 进行break - fall, shine, strike - turn out - 同时发生, 并发contemporise, contemporize, synchronise, synchronize - end in, eventuate in, go to, lead to, result, result in, run to - 事与愿违, 产生事与愿违的结果, 发生意外, 產生事与愿違的結果backfire, backlash, recoil[Spéc.]

facts, progress[Nominalisation]

發生happening, natural event, occurrence, occurrent - hap[Dérivé]

引起bring about, effect, effectuate, induce, produce, provoke, raise, set up, work - 引起(争吵等), 引起,激发, 引起,激發, 激起…爆炸,觸發, 着手做某事, 絆倒activate, actuate, get going, initiate, set off, spark, spark off, start, start up, touch off, trigger, trigger off, trip[Cause]

come about (v. intr.) • come to pass (v. intr.) • fall out (v. intr.) • go on (v. intr.) • hap (v.) • happen (v. intr.) • happen to (v. intr.) • occur (v. intr.) • pass (v.) • pass off (v. trans.) • take place (v. intr.) • 发生 (v.) • 慶祝 (v.) • 舉行 (v.) • (偶然)发生 (v.)



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