dicionario analógico

stare - get a load, have a look, take a look - look back, look backward, look behind one, turn around - look away - look around, look round - fix, gaze, gaze at, goggle, goggle at, peer, peer at, stare, stare at - consider, regard - ogle - give the glad eye - leer - gape, gawk, gawp, goggle - admire - peep - glance, glint, look out, peek - gloat - eye, eyeball - give the eye, give the once over - squint - peer[Spéc.]

regard (fr)[Nominalisation]

regardable (fr)[QuiPeutEtre]

regardeur (fr)[PersonneQui~]

gaze, look, looking, looking at, stare - looker, spectator, viewer, watcher, witness[Dérivé]

examine, see - inspect, survey - watch[Domaine]

audit, check, check into, check on, check out, check over, check up, check up on, collate, examine, go over, go through, look into, look over, look through, suss out, verify, vet - ferret out, hunt for, look around for, look for, look out for, look up, search, seek, seek after, seek for, watch out for - look on, watch - look after, mind[Analogie]

cast a quick glance at (v.) • glance at (v. trans.) • have a dekko at (v. trans.) • have a look (v. intr.) • have a look at (v. trans.) • look (v. intr.) • look at (v. trans.) • look on (v. trans.) • pass one's eye over (v.) • peep at (v.) • take a look at (v. trans.) • take a quick glance at (v.) • watch (n.)