dicionario analógico

wise up - give instruction, give lessons, instruct, learn, teach, tutor - apprise, apprize, instruct - inoculate - acquaint - warn - inform - acquaint with, fill in, inform, inform of, let in on, make acquainted with - update - misdirect, misinform, mislead, send astray - downplay, make little of, minimise, minimize, understate - betray, blab, denounce, give away, grass, grass on, inform against, pass on, rat, report, sell down the river, shit, shoot one's mouth off, shop, sneak on, snitch, snitch on, squeal, stag, tell on, tell tales - undeceive - warn - advise, apprise, apprize, give notice, let know, notify, send word - acquaint, familiarise, familiarize - cue, prompt, remind - volunteer - acquaint, introduce, present - regret - designate, indicate, point, point at, show - indicate - indicate, suggest - nark - explain, explicate - tell - narrate, recite, recount, tell - narrate - account, account for, describe, give an account of, make a report, report, report back - report - cover, report - announce, denote - disabuse - point out, remonstrate - attest, bear witness, be a tribute to, depose, evidence, give evidence, prove, show, testify, witness, witness to[Spéc.]

information - info, information, piece of information - informing, making known - data, information - informant, source - informant, informer, witness, witnesser - informative, instructive - enlightening, illuminating, informative - informative, informatory[Dérivé]

inform (v. trans.)



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