dicionario analógico

了解,领悟, 懂, 明白, 理解, 瞭解,領悟, 領會, 领会apprehend, compass, comprehend, dig, figure out, get, get the picture, grasp, grok, make head or tail of, make much of, savvy, see, take, understand - sense - 領會, 领会follow - 理解catch, get - touch - interpret, read, translate, understand - read - construe, interpret, see - 发现make out - 制訂出, 思索而得其解, 求解, 解决, 解決, 解答(问题等), 解释, 解釋figure out, hit on the idea, hit upon the idea, lick, plan out, puzzle out, reason out, solve, think of something, unravel, work, work out - 揣摩bottom, fathom, penetrate, probe[Spéc.]

理解, 理解力apprehension, comprehension, discernment, savvy, understanding[Dérivé]

使某人深切地感到, 被理解bring home to, click, come home, dawn, drive home to, fall into place, get across, get into s.o.'s head, get through, get through to, get to see, get to understand, penetrate, sink in - 理解come across, resonate[Cause]

control, master[Domaine]

understand (v. trans.) • 了解  • 听得懂 (v.) • 懂得 (v.) • 明白 (v.) • 理解 (v.) • 看得懂 (v.) • 瞭解 (v.) • 获悉 (v.)



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