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dicionario analógico

rembourser, clore une transaction, un compte (fr)[Classe]

rémunérer (fr)[Classe]

prêter de l'argent (fr)[Classe]

payer un effet par avance moyennant réduction (fr)[Classe]

pay an extra; pay extra[Classe]

payer un supplément, une somme supplémentaire (fr)[Classe]

relinquish - allocate - subscribe - discount - pay off a debt - bear the expenses of - honour a debt - participate in - pay in installments - pension off - pay out of one's own pocket - set a price on - pay promptly - redeem - balance an account - bank - untie one's purse strings - settle, settle up - ante up, cough up, fork out, pay, pay cash, pay up, stump up - accredit to, accredit with, allocate, allot, ascribe to, assign, attribute to, award, credit to, credit with, grant, portion - expend, lay out, outlay, spend - come across with, disburse, foot, pay - délier les cordons de sa bourse (fr) - honorer une facture (fr) - faire les frais (fr) - faire face (fr) - libérer (fr) - y être de sa poche (fr) - y mettre le prix (fr) - pensionner (fr) - overpay, pay through the nose - racheter, rédimer (fr) - éteindre une dette (fr) - mandater (fr) - ordonnancer (fr) - accept, honor, honour - cotiser (fr) - frank, meter, stamp - deliver, fork out, fork over, fork up, hand over, render, turn in, turn over - align - décaisser (fr) - deposit, pay, pay by giro, pay in, pay into an account, remit - souscrire (fr) - pay again, repay - underpay - payer de sa poche (fr) - être de sa poche (fr) - honour - reverser (fr) - add to, assist in, contribute to, contribute towards, go in for, help, join in, make a contribution to, partake in, participate in, share in, take part in - fendre (fr) - put one's hand in one's pocket - bear the cost of, bear the costs of, defray the cost of, defray the costs of, foot the bill, pick up the bill - to pay on the nail[Spéc.]



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