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dicionario analógico

inform against; sneak on; snitch on; grass on; squeal; report; denounce; tell on; betray; give away; rat; grass; shit; shop; snitch; stag; sell down the river[Classe]

arguer (fr) - inculper (fr) - accuse, criminate, impeach, incriminate - impeach - porter accusateur (fr) - porter une accusation (fr) - soulever une accusation (fr) - mettre sur la sellete (fr) - taxer, traiter (fr) - noter d'infamie (fr) - debunk, expose - land with, lumber with, pin on, saddle with - rendre responsable (fr) - livrer des accusations (fr) - prendre à partie (fr) - devolve, pass, pass on to, shift, shift on to, transfer - mettre à l'index (fr) - porter plainte (fr) - jeter l'anathème (fr) - throw in s.o.'s face - affecter une faute (fr) - alourdir (fr) - bait, cod, gibe at, needle, rag, rally, razz, ride, tantalise, tantalize, taunt, tease, twit - charger (fr) - clouer <S:qqn> au pilori, mettre <S:qqn> au pilori (fr) - crier haro (fr) - dire pis que pendre (fr) - be frank with someone, be plain with someone, give it to someone straight, tell someone the unvarnished truth - donner un coup de dent (fr) - déférer (fr) - asperse, besmirch, blacken s.o.'s good name, calumniate, cast aspersions on, defame, denigrate, depreciate, disparage, fail to appreciate, libel, run down, slander, smear, smirch, sully - détracter (fr) - entraccuser (fr) - faire le procès (fr) - former une accusation, formuler une accusation, intenter une accusation (fr) - blame, charge with, hold against, impute to, put down to - accabler (fr) - impeach[Spéc.]

accuse of, blame, bring a charge of, charge with, impeach for, incriminate, indict for[Gén.]



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